Smaction Active Clutch

SMAction is a family of short-throw linear actuators. Using Tight Pack technology SMAction redefines what’s possible by producing pure linear motion without the need for motors or solenoids.




SMAction Force

Smaction Force Actuator

The SMAction Force actuator can be easily configured to supply a pushing or pulling force. Due to the inherent lack of moving parts the actuator requires very little maintenance and produces very little noise. Position control is possible through addition of a linear sensor while force control is possible through use of a strain gauge.


SMAction Force Actuator Features

  • Force rating up to 2000 N (500 lb•f)
  • Stroke up to 6 mm




SMAction Pump

Smaction Hydraulic Actuator

The SMAction Pump can act as a master cylinder or a reciprocating piston pump. With the piston acting as the only moving part the actuator requires very little maintenance and produces very little noise. Displacement control is possible through addition of a linear sensor while pressure control is possible through use of a pressure sensor. A temperature sensor can also be used to control outlet fluid temperature.

SMAction Hydraulic Actuator Features

  • Pressure up to 20 Bar
  • Single stroke displacements up to 47 cc
  • Flows up to 0.5 lpm
  • Compatible with common hydraulic fluids (eg. water, oil, brake fluid)




SMAction Controller

The SMAction Controller simplifies using SMAction actuators by providing an easy to control interface. Closed and open loop control using one or several inputs allows for a high degree of accuracy and repeatability while maintaining the actuator within recommended safety limits.




Custom SMAction Actuator

SMAction actuators can be custom ordered to best suit your needs. Contact us today and tell us about your application.




Due to the variety of configurations and attachment options, SMAction actuators can be used in a variety of applications where the only limitation is your imagination. Possible applications include:

Automotive Industry:

  • Motorcycle clutch actuator
  • Electric car jack
  • Drag reduction system actuator
  • Spoiler break actuation


Process Industry:

  • Valve actuation
  • Chemical transfer pump
  • Lubricant dispenser
  • Pressure top-up device


Automation Industry:

  • Punching press
  • Assembly press
  • Life cycle testing cylinder



Smaction Active Clutch cross-section

Tight Pack is a proprietary technology of assembling and connecting Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires into a dense array. Tight Pack technology not only gives the SMA wire bundle a high strength-to-size ratio but also retains a high wire surface area. This allows for forward stroke times below 200ms and sub-five second cycle times.




Powered by Shape Memory Alloy

SMA wire

Shape memory alloys are materials that can respond to temperature changes by changing shape. In wire form the wires will contract when heated and stretch when cooled. Heating of the SMA wire is readily achieved by passing electric current through it. When heated past an upper transistion temperature the atoms inside the wire realign into an alternate crystaline structure. The process is fully reversible making the wire an ideal choice for high-cycle appications.






Actuation graph

A SMAction actuator is made up of several SMA wires that connect the actuators fixed-end to a piston. A simple power cycle consists of three phases:

1. Initial stroke phase - The SMAction actuator uses electric power to move the piston closer to the fixed-end. The speed of the piston is dictated by the amount of power applied.

2. Hold phase - In this optional phase the piston can hold position for a set amount of time.

3. Return phase - The SMAction actuator uses heat transfer and force biasing to return the piston to its home position. The speed of the piston is dicated by the rate of cooling and amount of biasing force.

Through the addition of feedback sensors and a controller a SMAction actuator can produce complex force-displacement behaviour. SMAction Force products are capable of fine position and force control while SMAction Pump products are capable of fine pressure, volumetric displacement, and discharge temperature control.

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We are a company based around Vancouver, BC with roots in the automotive and power generation industry. During our endeavours to develop a small and light-weight clutch actuator it became clear that conventional fluid power technologies could not produce the results we needed and thus the first SMAction Pump actuator was born.

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